By CSN media Office  

1. World Mission Sunday (WMS)  was instituted by Pope Pius XI in the year 1926.

2. It is universally celebrated on every second to the last Sunday of October annually.

3. Therefore it comes up this year on Sunday 24 October 2021.

4. The theme for the 2021 WMS is “For we cannot but speak about what we have seen and heard” (Acts 4:20).

5. The 2021 theme challenges all Christians to proclaim the good news no matter the condition or the situation they find themselves.

6. The Pope’s message also reminds Christians that despite all the challenges posed by Covid-19, persecutions or difficulties, we must keep speaking about the good news.

7. World Mission Sunday is a special day of prayer for mission, which is the very heart of our Christian faith.

8. Catholics all over the world are expected to renew their commitment to mission.

9. On World Mission Sunday, Catholics all over the world contribute money to support the works of evangelisation by the Church.

10. The funds raised on World Mission Sunday every year are sent to the Universal Solidarity Fund of the PMS  in Rome to be used to assist Churches in mission territories like Africa, Asia and some parts of America.

11. The funds are also used to assist Bishops in poor dioceses, as well as in the building of Churches, Clergy houses, rectories, training of Catechists and for supporting communications through SIGNIS.

Support the Mission!

Some give to the mission by going. Some go to the mission by giving.

Without both, there cannot be mission, so everyone has a role and must participate.