Most Rev. John Akin Oyejola

The Catholic Bishop of Osogbo Diocese, Most Rev. John Akin Oyejola on Tuesday, August 24, 2021 challenged all Catholic faithful to bring people to Christ Jesus, giving example of Philip who encountered Christ and went to bring Bartholomew.

Bishop Oyejola gave the charge in his homily titled, ‘Encounter’, during the morning Mass of the ongoing second plenary of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) in Enugu.

The cleric stressed that the only mission given to Christians is to go out proclaiming His good news and to bring people to Him. “If we have really encountered Christ, we will bring other people to Him. If every Christian in Nigeria has encountered Christ, we will not be in this mess we are. Have you encountered Christ? Do you know the Christ you are following? Are you connected to that Christ?” Bishop Oyejola asked.

He continued: “He gave us only one mission, to go out and evangelise. Many come to church, they are not Christians, they only come to church and that goes back to our catechesis, to bring people to Christ. Look at the disciples Jesus Christ chose, they were rusty and dusty. We too we are rusty and dusty but Jesus Christ dusts us and puts us on the pedestal to do his work, to preach. How much of teaching do we do in catechesis?

The Bishop of Osogbo stated further that why people leave the Church is because there is no dynamism and creativity. “Let us be dynamic and creative. Let us do it in another way. The message is still the same, it has not changed but the approach must change. You must have a way of reaching out to people. That is our mission,” the cleric stated.