Venerable John Paul I

The Holy Father, Pope Francis is set to declare Venerable John Paul a ‘Blessed’ after recognizing a miracle obtained through the intercession of the late Pope.

Pope Francis gave his approval on Wednesday, October 13, 2021 for the cause of beatification of John Paul I to move forward, along with the causes of six other people on the path to sainthood.

John Paul I was first declared Venerable by Pope Francis in 2017 and according to a report this week from the Italian newspaper Il Messaggero, John Paul I may be beatified before Easter next year.

Often called “the smiling pope,” John Paul I died unexpectedly on Sept. 28, 1978, after just 33 days in office. A priority of his short pontificate was carrying forward the work of the Second Vatican Council.

But even before he was elected pope, Albino Luciani was known for his humility, his emphasis on spiritual poverty, and his dedication to teaching the faith in an understandable manner.